• Two Handle Cast Brass Kitchen Faucet

    Model# 80123-A

    $164.50 MSRP



    • ADA Compliant
    • cUPC Certified
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    • Two Handle Cast Brass Kitchen Faucet
    • Canopy Handles
    • 8″ D Style Swivel Spout
    • Ceramic Disc Cartridges
    • 4-Hole 8″ Installation
    • Side Spray Assembly
    • 1.5 GPM Flow Rate

    Additional Notes

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    4 Hole Installation

    Suffix Description Price
    2 10-Inch Tube Spout with Aerator (SU-363-JA) $14.00
    3 12-Inch Tube Spout with Aerator (SU-363-LA) $15.00
    4 14-Inch Tube Spout with Aerator (SU-363-MA) $15.50
    8 7-1/4-Inch High-Rise Spout with Aerator (SU-357-HSA) $43.30
    07 8-3/4-Inch High-Rise Swivel Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (SU-357-WSA) $32.30
    17 4-3/32"" Rigid /Swivel Combo Gooseneck Spout With Aerator (CS-22002) $15.50
    18 5-1/2"" Rigid/Swvel Combo Gooseneck Spout With Aerator (CS-22003) $35.30
    GRA 4-3/32-Inch Rigid Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (SU-157-GRA) $15.50
    GSA 4-3/32-Inch Swivel Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (SU-157-GSA) $15.50
    GSA1 4-3/32-Inch Swivel Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (CS-25001) $17.75
    KRA 5-1/2-Inch Rigid Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (SU-157-KRA)) $34.80
    KSA 5-1/2-Inch Swivel Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (SU-157-KSA) $35.30
    ELS 4-Inch Wrist Handles (G-4147-C,H) Color-coded Indexes $25.80
    EL 6-Inch Elbow Handles (G-4149-C,H) Color-coded Indexes $31.00
    Q Quarter-Turn Stems (G-454-EL,ER) $1.80
    TSA1 6-3/8-Inch Swivel Tri-Arc Gooseneck Spout with Aerator (CS-22001) $29.00
    L2 Lever Handles-Indexes (CS-19002C,H) $53.80
    C2 Cross Handles-Indexes (CS-19004C,H) $64.50
    E1.0 1.0 GPM Flow Rate (CS-49011-Male Aerator/CS-49012-Female Aerator) $4.00
    E0.5 0.5 GPM Flow Rate (CS-49009-Male Aerator/CS-49010-Female Aerator) $9.50

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    Handle Style

    4-Inch Wrist Blade

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